Refractory performance studies

With the development of science and Technology, our Refractory industry has developed rapidly, and our Refractory output has been the world’s largest for many years.

The specific future development prospects are as follows:

1. Quality raw materials are the foundation for the development of quality Refractory. A great deal of research should be done in mineral processing, purification, synthetic technology, exercise technology and so on.

2. Shift to quality. Characterized by energy-saving, labor-saving, diversified, high-quality, low-yield and high-profit, the Refractory will accelerate the shift from quantity to quality, from labor-intensive to technology-intensive, want to have quantity type to want variety quality type change.

3. Develop new varieties, including: high-temperature refractory products; low-energy consumption refractory products; high-tech, high-performance refractory products.

4. The new technology strictly requires the fine material, the fine match, the high pressure, the high temperature, the compound technology, the introduction ultra-fine powder, through the adjustment control microstructure characteristic, may improve, the optimization high temperature performance, in particular, the physical performance, thermal shock resistance and resistance to invasion performance.

5. Combined Refractory consumption. It is a comprehensive reflection of all the above-mentioned technological progress. The decline in combined Refractory consumption (the ratio of Refractory output to steel output) is an important indicator of Refractory development.