Properties and uses of ferro-titanium

Ferro-titanium is a 20% -27% titanium content of the iron alloy, titanium and the intermediate alloy of iron, used as a steel purification agent.

The first titanium iron is used as deoxidizer and degassing agent. The deoxidation ability of titanium is much higher than that of silicon and manganese, and it can reduce the segregation of ingot, improve the quality of ingot and increase the yield.

The second titanium iron is used as an alloying agent. Is the main raw material of special steel, it can increase the strength of steel, corrosion resistance and stability. Widely used in stainless steel, tool steel. And it can improve the properties of cast iron. Used in foundry industry to improve the wear resistance of cast iron, stability, processability, etc. .

Finally, titanium iron and calcium titanium electrode coating materials.