News- Nozzle Cores/Zirconia Nozzle Cores

Nozzle cores/Zirconia nozzle cores are critical components used in industrial production such as spraying, sandblasting, and painting, mainly for regulating the flow and direction of liquids or gases. They are typically made of high-temperature ceramic materials like zirconia.
Zirconia nozzle cores have high wear and corrosion resistance, making them able to withstand harsh working conditions of high temperature and pressure. Their high hardness and low friction coefficient enable them to withstand high-velocity fluid impact and friction, while reducing the risk of nozzle wear and blockage. In addition, zirconia nozzle cores have excellent tensile, bending, and impact resistance, able to withstand mechanical stress and vibration.
Nozzle cores and zirconia nozzle cores are mainly used in industrial production such as automotive manufacturing, aerospace, building materials, electronic devices, and chemical industry. Their high wear resistance, corrosion resistance, and high-temperature resistance make them play an important role in these fields, improving production efficiency and product quality.